Report of holding the third “Day of Presentation” source accelerator

On Sunday, February 15, 2011, in the auditorium of the Physicians’ Hospital, the third “day of presentation” of the accelerator of the Center for Technology and Innovation was held at the Islamic Azad University of Qazvin.

This event is the third event of the series of “presentation days” that will be held at the end of each acceleration course of the spring accelerator in Bahman. During the event, with the participation of investors, accelerators, entrepreneurs and activists of the ecosystem, it will provide an excellent opportunity to present the achievements of the third-generation teams in the accelerated acceleration accelerator to provide eight months of continuous activity.

The ceremony was initiated at 14:00 by reciting the Holy Quran and playing the National Anthem of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Arash Soururi, the director of the ceremony, and Dr. Musa Khani, head of the Islamic Azad University of Qazvin, and the founder of the Center for Technology and Innovation at Sinathek, addressed the guests, outlining their goals and activities. This collection was also paid at the ceremony. He also attended the ceremony of Farhad leader, the head of the Islamic Azad University of Islamic Azad University, and at the opening of the startups, he promissed a promise to support the innovative business of this university.

In the first round of deliverables, the Star Trek, Zero Kilometers, Asesta, Homemade, Bepand, Melody, and Starter Orebi Seven, appeared in the third round of accelerating, explaining and explaining their business to investors, journalists, and entrepreneurship ecosystem activists. After a Interruptions and Documentation from the Syntech Technology and Innovation Center, in the second round of presentations, four starters presented the second cycle of acceleration, achievements and activity reports to the invitees. The two-hour event eventually ended with a reception and conversation alongside the start-up tables at the venue’s lobby. An explanation and communication path with each of these startups is also available in the Accelerator Web Portal.

The source accelerator is a financially focused research firm that seeks to support emerging businesses that are monetizing R & D activities, and has so far invested in 26 startups in three accelerated programs. The “day of presentation” event is an event with the key to linking startups and investors, and after this event, coordination and meetings will be required by the teams and the source.

In the following, you can see photos of the event. / End of the news.

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