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With the help of Professor Mohammad Bagher Momenagh, the Center for the Study of Cognitive Science Research Center, Research Center for Intelligent Systems and Cognitive Science, started its activities in the form of a cognitive science lab from the Islamic Azad University of Qazvin in 1395, after the activities of teaching and transferring knowledge as well as basic studies and Human Resource Development officially launched its activity as a Research Center in Seattle, 1396.

With the collaboration of two faculties of electricity and electronics and the Faculty of Management and Accounting with the work of Professor Seyyed Mehdi Alvani, the research center focuses on diverse interdisciplinary fields of cognitive science such as AI, Computer Interface (BCI) ), Nerve marketing (neurotransmitter), neurotransmission (neurodevelopment) and cognitive robotics.

Areas of Activity

Introducing our activity

Intermediate-brain-computer studies

These studies seek to develop and improve the performance of the brain-computer equipment through the development of hardware and software, as well as the production of customized hardware and software.

Neurotransmitter studies

In these studies, we seek to improve the sampling processes and customize their tools for performing nerve marketing tests.

Neuro Leadership Study

These studies seek to improve HR processes in organizations such as recruitment, recruitment and retention through cognitive science tools.

AI studies

In these studies, we seek to optimize artificial intelligence through studies of philosophy of mind and cognitive modeling.

Know our teams

Cognitive Games Team

With the goal of developing computer and interactive games through the brain-computer tools

Cognitive Robotic Team

With the goal of developing robots controlled by the human brain, the development of footballers’ controllers and robots with the ability to interact with artificial intelligence and the brain-computer interface.

Normarting team

With the goal of providing Normarting services to business and media organizations

Team BCI Award

With the aim of gaining a position at the BCI International Championships

Organization and Staff Center

Director of the Center for the Study of Cognitive Sciences

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Head of the Faculty of Management and Accounting

Head of Electrical Faculty

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