The center is an organizational development that manages the flow of knowledge and technology among universities, research and development institutes, private companies, inventors and innovators, and manages to connect them to the marketplace. The center facilitates the growth of innovation-based companies with supportive processes.
Based on the approval of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Science and Technology in 2011, the Center for the Development of Islamic Azad University of Qazvin, with the infrastructure of 13100 square meters and 2500 square meters of space, can be provided to the technological units of its executive activities with the aim of increasing wealth in society Through the promotion of a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship based on science and technology

Admission requirements in the center

Having a central idea

The core idea is the product you want to create or develop during the deployment phase in the center of growth..

Innovative technology

Ideological realization requires innovation in the field of technology

Having a business idea for a central idea

In addition to explaining the ideological dimensions and value, this plan justifies the economic viability of the investment..

Having legal personality

Full-time attendance is required by at least 2 undergraduate graduate (ideological-related expertise) in the work group (Description: The work team can be a registered company or a core company that will be registered in the near future).

Having a working group

Applicants for the duration of their growth or membership of the faculty should have a legal personality.


Organization and Staff Center

Head of Growth Center

Narges aghaalikhani
Expert Center for Growth